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Based out of the United States and Philippines, SupportNinja is a cutting edge outsourcing company that lends support to startups and businesses around the world. It offers customer service, content moderation, and back-office support to companies. Maintenance, debugging, integration, and continuous upgrades are part and parcel of technology advancement. With a specialized full-time offshore team, you receive top-notch software development services around the clock to help you compete in this market.

LOOPINTechies offers optimal high-quality solutions and technology services that always put customer satisfaction in prior. The company gathers a talented crew of professionals with valuable and hands-on experience to be a close supporter for customers, helping them gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace. The company completes over 200 projects, writes lines of code, and serves over 198 happy clients.

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing

The company accesses the vast pool of untapped and highest skilled engineering talents in Latin America and recruits consistently and rigorously to form their strong delivery team. The team works under a design thinking mindset, drive innovation, and efficiency to deliver software solutions and values to customers in a way to exceed their expectations. With a robust presence in the software development outsourcing services arena, N-iX delivers excellence in everything from game development to enterprise solutions. Their global client base is a testament to their unparalleled expertise and customer-centric approach.

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TatvaSoft is acknowledged as a leading software development outsourcing company. Additionally, they have Microsoft’s Solutions Partner and CMMi Level 3 certifications. They provide software development services across a variety of technology platforms such as Microsoft, Angular, React, NodeJS, Java, PHP, SharePoint, open source, BI and mobile. Since its inception in 2012, Techchuz has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of software development outsourcing services. Techchuz is a reliable partner with a skilled team of more than 75 experienced software developers, DevOps specialists, and designers. VironIT is a software development outsourcing business that specializes in providing end-to-end web development services.

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RateSetter has partnered with N-iX to modernize its product and develop new functionality. N-iX professionals have widely contributed to migrating from the monolithic architecture to the service-oriented system, which allows scaling the product faster and introducing innovations more easily. The company has partnered with N-iX for the mutual work on enhancing SCHAD’s (part of Fluke Corporation) enterprise asset management solutions. Currencycloud has partnered with N-iX to accelerate the development of its white-label Currencycloud Direct application for the Finovate conference. Together with Gogo, we completely migrated their data solutions to the AWS cloud and shut down its costly on-premises infrastructure. Gogo is a global provider of in-flight connectivity with over 20 years of experience and more than 1,000 employees.

TuneIn is a USA-based audio streaming platform with 75 million monthly active users worldwide. Since 2013, the N-iX team has become a vital programming languages for vr contributor to Currencycloud Direct and Connect API 2.0. Later, Lebara decided to migrate its solutions from on-premises to the cloud.

Consider Professional Software Outsourcing Services

KODA Kollectiv is a software development firm composed of experienced developers, creative designers, capable project managers, and diligent QA analysts and testers. Over the past eight years, KODA has partnered with many clients from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Asia. Sagesoft Solutions, Inc. is an information technology firm that provides consulting, application development, technology, and support to small, medium, and large businesses. They are committed to helping their clients achieve success through cloud computing and providing them with the right strategic information system to give them a competitive advantage and help them improve. Global BrainForce is a software development company that specializes in personalized and customizable outsourced solutions for fast-growing technology companies worldwide.

  • They work together with startups and innovative enterprises all over the world.
  • Codup is successful because its employees understand their customers’ industries intimately, communicate clearly, and adhere to industry best practices.
  • The lower costs of outsourcing tie heavily to the location selected for your offshore development company.
  • We can proceed with a small pilot project or deliver a proof of concept (PoC) to help you objectively assess our competencies and early test the solution’s capabilities.
  • Their service suite encompasses everything from web development to mobile applications, making them a holistic software outsourcing company.
  • The full report is now ready to access on the firm’s website, which is updated in real time to reflect new reviews and ratings.

In cybersecurity for 20 years, we rely on robust security mechanisms to safeguard your data and software. BioAffinity Technologies hired ScienceSoft to help in the development of its automated data analysis software for detection of lung cancer using flow cytometry. Our project required a large amount of industry specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software connected to EHR/LIS systems, which the team handled well.

Why is software outsourcing a viable option for startups?

Founded by a US physician in Arizona, Hello Rache offers a virtual assistance solution for medical, dental, and veterinary professionals. It provides assistants who are trained in privacy policies and HIPPA guidelines. You can save on salary costs by outsourcing to countries with lower salaries, such as the Philippines, Ukraine, Poland, or India. A project-based engagement is one that is defined before it begins where the developers scope out the project and provide you with a quote before you move forward. While this is a common route, it tends to lead to many frustrations, as iterations and scope creep tend to add complications.

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Nearsure is a leading software outsourcing company that helps North American companies in accelerating IT projects by establishing and maintaining flexible, remote-first software development teams. They provide remote workforce augmentation solutions for any technology and across all industries. Orient Software is a leading outsourcing software development company providing premium software outsourcing services.

How Do We Ensure That Outsourcing Is Safe?

With a dedicated team of experts, they have consistently set industry benchmarks in various domains. A stalwart in the software development outsourcing realm in Singapore, TechTIQ Solutions Pte is known for its innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving demands of businesses. Their service suite encompasses everything from web development to mobile applications, making them a holistic software outsourcing company. They pride themselves on a client-first approach, ensuring that every project aligns perfectly with business objectives and vision. Techuz is a leading software development company that has been providing innovative and customized solutions to businesses since 2012.

software outsourcing firm

Live ChatMonitoring is a BPO company with headquarters in Australia that offers 24/7 live chat support to companies of all kinds, from software development to consumer products. Reach out to us if you’re included in the top 25 software outsourcing companies list. If you have anything to share with us or if you have any questions regarding the best outsourcing company to choose, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Skelia is a global leader in establishing cross-border IT and engineering organizations in Eastern Europe and affiliate companies.

Access to a vast talent pool

They also prepare an agreement on intellectual property rights as well as other aspects of the partnership. Apart from establishing a team, the vendor also takes every task management, people management, and process quality. Usually, the delivery team works autonomously with the in-house team and provides regular updates to the client. Outsourcing vendors offer skilled engineers to each client, which means that the team focuses on only one project at a given time. Working with IT specialists guarantees security and reduces the risk of breaches of sensitive data as they are knowledgeable of threats that come with the latest technology.

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The approach is also able to provide enough experts to work on the project faster and deliver a high-quality product. But, outsourcing software development to third-party teams is simpler and less time-consuming. First, you do not have to worry about finding developers with the right skills and experience.

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Such errors could be hazardous as they could make your business a victim of cybercriminals that try to hack your software and gain access to vital information. Offshore outsourcing software development is the practice of hiring a development company in a different country to handle your software development needs. We offer complete mobile development services, from strategy and consulting to design and development. Orient Software specializes in Agile methodology, a cost-effective approach to software development outsourcing. Hexacta is a world-class IT services company with +20 years’ experience offering excellence in software development and digital transformation.

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